Sunday, 29 March 2015

Dreaming of Poetry

Last night I had this vivid dream of being in Heaney's House. There were many of us, having been invited for the weekend. In every room of his house there was a red-framed old fashioned black board on the wall with lines written on it in white  chalk or pages pinned onto it. He did not say a word, but radiated goodness and it felt like home. I woke up with a feeling of warmth around my heart.

Of course, I am now reminded of his last words to his wife: Noli Timere - Don't be afraid. He left this warning behind and the words became magnified in the light of finality. FEAR is the worst enemy of peace and this is an extremely important message, not only for Northern Ireland. Noli Timere, had become a metaphor for wisdom and a life lived well.

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